Empirical And Molecular Formula Solver

This program determines both empirical and molecular formulas. Conventional notation is used, i.e. - the first letter of an element is capitalized and the second is a small letter.

When entering data, the elements are entered in the red outlined boxes and the masses without units are entered in the black outlined boxes. A maximum of 5 elements and their masses can be entered. Enter the elements in the same order as they appear in the chemical formula.

When entering data for hydrates, the ionic compound may be written as one unit, i.e. ZnSO4 = 56.14 or by the individual elements, i.e. Zn = 22.74, S = 11.15, and O = 22.25. The water will always be written as H2O = 43.86.

To determine the molecular formula, enter the appropriate value for the molecular mass.

 Number Of Elements   Molecular Mass 

Empirical Formula:

Molecular Formula: