Chemistry II AP Homework Helpers


The following problem sets have been taken from T. L. Brown, H. E. Lemay, B. E. Bursten, & J. R. Burdge, Chemistry: The Central Science, Ninth Edition. The problem sets, complete with worked solutions, should provide the student with a preliminary measure of his or her skills. Try to understand the basic concepts before attempting the problems. Without an understanding of basic concepts, the temptation is to memorize procedures from the worked solutions and then apply these procedures to other problems. This approach may work with simple problems but it will not help you to solve all the different problem types and variations that you are likely to encounter.

I hope these problem sets prove to be helpful. Before looking at the solution to a problem try to set up how you would solve the problem. When you are completely stuck, look at part of the solution for a hint. At some point, it is imperative that you can solve each of these problems completely on your own.



Stoichiometry Solubility Equilibria
Solution Stoichiometry Acid-Base Equilibria
Thermochemistry Buffers and Acid-Base Titrations
Electronic Structure of Atoms Thermodynamics
Gases Oxidation-Reduction
Properties of Solutions Electrochemistry
Chemical Kinetics Nuclear Chemistry
Chemical Equilibrium